Congratulations for first launch of sea-rail container for Vietnam -- Guangzhou – Europe via “Silk Road on land and sea” cooperated by SITC—China Railway—Guangzhou Port Group

May 07, 2021

SITC cooperated with China Railway Guangzhou Group, CRCT and Guangzhou Port Group for Vietnam — Guangzhou – Europe cross-border sea-rail combined transportation business via “Silk Road on land and sea”. The containers were loaded at Vietnam smoothly in Apr, 2021, and after completing custom clearance formalities, the containers were dispatched to Europe by “Guangzhou-Europe” block train on 29th, Apr, 2021.

The first launch is a successful attempt to open up the cross-border sea-rail combined transport channel for Southeast Asia—Guangzhou–Europe via “Silk Road on land and sea”, which marks SITC to provide customers with more comprehensive, higher quality and faster logistics services.