Naming Ceremony for M/V “SITC QIUMING” hold successfully

September 27, 2022

On September 26, 2022, the Naming Ceremony of M/V “SITC QIUMING” was successfully held by SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. (SITC) and YANGZIJIANG Shipbuilding Group Ltd (YANGZIJIANG).

Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of SITC, Mr. Ren Letian, Genernal Manager of YANGZIJIANG, and Members from China Entrepreneur Club attended the ceremony together.

At the ceremony, Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of SITC made a speech on behalf of the shipowner, expressing thanks to Yangzijiang Shipyard for overcoming the pressure of the epidemic and ensuring high quality and efficient delivery of new vessel. He looked forward to further strengthening both parties’ cooperation and creating higher value for the society and the future.

Mr. Ning Gaoning christened the new vessel for “SITC QIUMING”, and Ms. Cheng Hong, Godmother of the new vessel was invited to break the champagne. Mr. Wang Yusuo gave his blessing. The guests wish the new ship smooth sailing and are full load each line.

Upon delivery, the vessel “SITC QIUMING” will soon join our fleet to provide better and more efficient service to customers. SITC Fleet structure will also be further optimized to play a greater role in lines layout.