The Successful Delivery for M/V “SITC SHENGDE”

October 26, 2022

On October 25, 2022, the Delivery Ceremony of M/V “SITC SHENGDE” was successfully held by SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. (SITC) and YANGZIJIANG Shipbuilding Group Ltd (YANGZIJIANG Shipbuilding).

Mr. Li Ruimin, General Manager of SITC Ship Management Center and Mr. Zhang Tao, Vice General Manager of Yangzijiang Shipping Group signed the delivery documents on behalf of both parties.

Under the cooperation and joint efforts of SITC, YANGZIJIANG Shipbuilding and other relevant parties, overcoming the impact of epidemic situation and extreme high temperature weather, new vessels have been delivered one by one on schedule and with good quality, which has provided strong supports to the shipping route layout of SITC. Furthermore, its dominant position in the Asian regional market will also be consolidated and strengthened.

After the delivery, “SITC SHENGDE” will join in SITC fleet to provide more diverse and high-quality services to SITC customers.