SITC’s trip of Chinese Navigational Culture and the 30th Anniversary Celebration Cultural Activities Successfully Held

May 09, 2021

On 7th May 2021, the first stop of Chinese navigational culture heritage serial event, “SITC’s trip of Chinese Navigational Culture” and the 30th Anniversary Celebration Cultural Activities Successfully Held in the Shanghai Zhangjiang office building. Mr. Xu Zuyuan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport and Ambassador of the international maritime organization, Mr. Ni Wei, President of China Shipping Gazette, Professor Huang Youfang, the former President of Shanghai Maritime University, famous Chinese calligraphy and painting artist Mr. Shen Yan, Mr. Le Zhenwen, Mr. Shen Xiaoying, Mr. Zhu Tao and Mr. Shen Zhikang were invited to attend. Yang Xianxiang, Vice Chairman and CEO of SITC International, Xue Mingyuan, President of SITC Shipping Group, and Lai Zhiyong, President of SITC Logistics Group, participated in the event. During the event, they talked about navigation culture and it inherited the spirit of Chinese navigation. The painters splashed ink on the spot to create and discuss calligraphy and painting works around the theme of nautical culture.

International transportation is a bridge connecting the world, a link between civilizations, and a window for cultural dissemination. China’s maritime culture has a long history, and the spirit of the Belt and Road Maritime Silk Road is the core embodiment of our maritime culture in the new era.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company’s establishment, the Chinese navigational culture heritage serial event was held. Under the guidance of calligraphers and painters, SITC people improved their cultural accomplishments and internal qualities, made friends through calligraphy and painting, enhanced exchanges, demonstrated the demeanor of shipping people, and drew nourishment from traditional culture, to present a gift to the upcoming centennial for the founding of the party.