The School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Maritime University visited SITC

August 04, 2021

On July 29,2021, Gao Tao, Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Maritime University, and 30 teachers and students visited SITC Zhangjiang Office Building to conduct social practice research and exchange.Xue Mingyuan, President of SITC Shipping Group, and other personnel participated in the exchange and discussion.

At the meeting, the company exchanged and discussed on the industry issues that the students were concerned about, such as carbon neutrality and the supply and demand changes in the shipping market under the epidemic, the contribution of container transportation to the world economy and the innovative measures of SITC under the background of the Internet.

This exchange enhanced students’ understanding of the shipping and logistics industry to excavated the innovative spirit and practical ability of students for communication, further promote school-enterprise cooperation, and promote the integration of industry and learning.