The Opening Ceremony of the First SITC Mini MBA shipping Elite Training class of Dalian Maritime University was successfully held

November 11, 2022

On November 6, 2022, the first SITC Mini MBA shipping elite training class of Dalian Maritime University was held in Dalian Maritime University. Zhao Youtao, Vice President of Dalian Maritime University, Xu Jiaming, Director of the Student Employment Guidance Center, Wang Qifu, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, and Yang Jiaxuan, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School; Mr. Yang Xianxiang, Vice Chairman and CEO of SITC International Board of Directors, Mr. Xue Mingyuan, President of Shipping Group, Tian Mingyuan, General Manager of SITC Ship Management, Li Yong, General Manager of SITC Line Dalian, and 35 students from Dalian Maritime University attended the opening ceremony.

CEO Yang and President Zhao Youtao delivered speeches respectively at the opening ceremony. President Zhao Youtao welcomed and thanked the guests attending the ceremony, emphasized the significance of this training class for the talents of both schools and enterprises, and hoped that the students attending the training class would become the pillars of shipping. CEO Yang expressed his relief at the successful launch of the Shipping elite training class in the face of the epidemic, introduced the “people-oriented” values of Haifeng and the company’s profitability, and wished Dalian Maritime University and the Shipping Elite Training class a better future.

The SITC Mini MBA shipping elite raining class provides students with a platform to integrate theory with practice, build a platform to understand the shipping industry in advance and adapt to shipping enterprises, so that students can have a deep understanding of the operation process of shipping enterprises in advance. In the future, SITC International will further carry out multi-level and multi form cooperation with Dalian Maritime University, establish a stable win-win cooperation