Reefer Container Operation Opening Ceremony of Sitc shipping line at ICD Tan Cang- Nhon Trach

March 13, 2021

On the afternoon of March 11, 2021, Tan Cang Logistics and Logistics Joint Stock Company (Tan Cang Logistics / TCL) 
- a member of the system of logistics facilities of TCSG Corporation, successfully organized.
The opening ceremony of the SITC container shipping service at ICD Tan Cang - Nhon Trach (ICD TC - NT)
In order to meet the needs of reefer container operations of customers as well as SITC shipping lines, 
ICD TC-NT has invested in an infrastructure system with a total area of ​​27.5 hectares and a capacity of about 10,500 TEU. ;
25 tractors and 08 forklifts; 
20 cold sockets and 12 more are about to be added in the near future to increase the capacity to meet the demand of goods 
in the region.PTI and M & R reefer services,
the monitoring system and reefer operation process are strictly deployed to help the container be regularly maintained 
and the cargo is guaranteed.
Up to now, SITC is the first shipping line operating reefer container service with 164 empty containers to be loaded;
This equivalent number of containers was downgraded to ICD TC - NT yard and transferred to Tan Cang Cai Lat for export
With a distance of 6km of river way, ICD TC - NT is considered an extension arm of Tan Cang - Cat Lai port,
supporting and providing all dry port operations: cargo closure / withdrawal, warehouse operation. Container yard,
container shipping, etc. With the advantages of geographic location and the ability to connect waterways, 
ICD TC - NT is considered as an important link in the strategy of developing logistics services in the system.
exploiting port facilities under TCSG.
This event marked a prosperous year in 2021 is also a testament to the strong cooperation between TCL and SITC 
in many new fields in the future.This is the premise for 2021 - continuing to be a year of development to enhance 
the role of ICD TC - NT: expanding projects such as bonded warehouses,upgrading infrastructure and equipment 
to facilitate convenient for transporting goods,saving costs for customers along with a commitment to top 
quality service in the region.