SITC Container Maintaining(shanghai)Co.,Ltd,Tianjin Branch was established and opened

June 28, 2021

On June 23,2021,the opening ceremony of SITC Container Maintaining(shanghai)Co.,Ltd,Tianjin Branch (referred to as “SITC Container Maintaining Tianjin Branch)was held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Xin Huaxi Logistics Co.,Ltd,.

Mr Lai Zhiyong,President of SITC Logistics Group,Mr Ke Fei,General Manager of SITC Tianjin ,Mr Yu Jian, General Manager of SITC Logistics Group Shipping Agency & Depot Devolopment, Mr Guo Xinde,General Manager of Singamas Qingdao, Mr Sun Luqiang,General Manager of Xinhuaxi Depot, with related  leaders attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Under the common witness of all the leaders and guests, the opening ceremony was launched and the SITC Container Maintaining Tianjin Branch was formally established. The company mainly engaged in reefer container PTI, container maintenance.Providing customers with more efficient ,higher quality services by professional team and exquisite technology.