Brief Report of 2019 SITC Semi-Annual Management Review Meeting

September 23, 2019

On Sept. 22th, 2019, SITC International held 2019 Semi-Annual Management Review Meeting. Chairman Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Vice Chairman& CEO Mr. Yang Xianxiang, GM of each center of SITC headquarters, Presidents of business groups, and person in charge of each branch attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Mr. Chairman Yang commented the Jan.-Aug. performance, and put forward that it is the first thing to grasp the security of funds, improve operational efficiency and strengthen company management. Under the turbulent international situation, we should continue to adhere to the principle of “Focus, Quality, Unique, Innovation” and constantly seek development opportunities. Mr. CEO Yang Xianxiang further summarized our achievements and shortcomings, and through the analysis of the international environment, industry trends, and new policies and regulations, laid out the company’s next priorities.
GM of SITC headquarters, Presidents of business groups, GM of SITC Line Philippines, SITC Line Indonesia, Shipping Agency of SITC Logistics Group & SITC Intermodal Transportation, and SITC Logistics Shandong also reported the work focus of the first half year and the work plan for the next stage.