The strategic agreement is signed by SITC, Hisense and Qingdao Port to promote industrial integration, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation

June 26, 2023

On June 19, SITC, Hisense and Qingdao Port signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Lai Zhiyong, President of SITC Logistics Group , Mr. Zhang Sihai, President of Hisense TransTech and Mr. Li Wucheng, Director of SPG Container Operations Center, Deputy Party Secretary, Board Director, and General Manager of SPG Qingdao Port Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of all parties. Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of SITC, Mr. Jia Shaoqian, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of Hisense, Mr. Chen Weiqiang, Senior Vice President of Hisense, Mr. Huo Gaoyuan, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shandong Port Group, and Mr. Li Fengli, Deputy Party Secretary, Board Director, and General Manager of Shandong Port Group witnessed the signing.


After the meeting began, the leaders of the three parties gave speeches and introduced the development of their respective enterprises and the prospects for cooperation among the three parties. In the context of the new development stage, new development concept and Dual circulation of the country, the leaders of the three parties all said that they would give full play to their respective industry advantages and overall organizational advantages, and jointly explore and promote cooperation in strategy, industry, platform and other aspects through resource sharing, mutual benefit and complementary advantages, so as to jointly build a new highland for cooperation among enterprises, ports and airlines and contribute more to serving national strategies and serving economic and social development.


According to the strategic agreement, Qingdao Port of Shandong Port Group will continue to give full play to its advantages in port main business operation, integrated logistics, digital technology and other fields, and superimpose SITC comprehensive guarantee in the fields of ocean routes, ships, space, warehousing, logistics and other fields, so as to provide Hisense’s import and export products with comprehensive supply chain services in the whole process, all elements, and all directions. Hisense continues to guarantee the operating share of import and export cargo volume in the SITC and Qingdao Port business scope, and constantly consolidate and deepen the tripartite cooperation.