SNP general manager NGO MINH THUAN and his delegation visited SITC

June 07, 2023

On June 1, 2023, SNP general manager NGO MINH THUAN visited Shanghai Zhangjiang Office of SITC. Yang Xianxiang, CEO of SITC; Xue Mingyuan, president of SITC Shipping Group participated in the meeting.

After extended a warm welcome to general manager NGO MINH THUAN, CEO Yang introduced SITC’s strategic layout and shipping route planning in Vietnam for afterward scheme. General Manager NGO MINH THUAN expressed his gratitude to SITC for its full support to SNP during the COVID-19 epidemic. Beyond that, he also introduced the developmental plan of port construction, logistics infrastructure and other aspects of SNP from different perspectives.

In the future, SITC and SNP will explore cooperation opportunities in new business field continually. Meanwhile, carrying mutual benefit, achieving win-win results, and promoting jointly high-quality development.