Endless Road Ahead, Join Hands Together --SITC International 2019 Gobi Expedition

October 17, 2019

Hiking in the Gobi is a kind of practice that requires all-round devotion. It focuses on finding the beginner’s mind, melting the team, and honing the perseverance. Every expedition in the Gobi is a review of the ideal, the originality and the mission. Hikers are not only for the purpose of physical fitness, but also for the purpose of exploring the life experience of Gobi expedition spirit- adventure and exploiting, surpassing self, challenging the limit, teamwork and unlimited communication. Following the successful completion of the first Gobi challenge, SITC International once again sounded the clarion call this year, and expanded its participation to all the branches in mainland China and Hong Kong. 28 companies from 14 cities have organized more than 30 rounds of preliminary contests, and 60 potential crews have been selected to form 6 teams. Finally, after two months of group training, they officially set foot on the desert of the Gobi Desert on October 5, jointly opening a three-day, two-night, 88-kilometer non-stop hiking road challenge. The date coincided with the 70th anniversary of the PRC’s founding, they greet the National Day with outstanding performance in the boundless Gobi.

While hiking in the Gobi, they are also challenged by many tasks, such as “Where is the Road”, “Shouldering dreams”, “Horn of unity” and “Hand to Heart”. These tasks not only enrich the different experience of each member in this competition, but also test the cohesion, tacit understanding and trust between teammates. With the adherence to the common goal, the full cooperation and persistence, each team successfully completed one task after another, only full of joy and emotion.

Walking on foot in the Gobi, it should never take it lightly. Gravel and loose sand are everywhere under the feet. The transformation of bare rock and gravel may interrupt the steps at any time. In such a very difficult challenge, it is a great test for everyone’s body. Most of the members, even with injuries, never wavered between “give up or insist”. They resolutely chose to insist and finish 88 kilometers. “Last five kilometers, three kilometers, one kilometer, 500 meters, hold on, hold on…”.

With the help and encouragement of companions, SITC hikers helped each other and walked towards the final destination hand in hand. This persistence and perseverance moved all the people present. It is precisely because of the perseverance and team spirit that none of the six teams in this competition withdrew from the competition and all teams won the Shackleton Prize.

When we are on the verge of the limit, we will find that we are stronger than we thought. When we are in company and through adversity together, we can understand what is the real “one heart and one belief”. Real persistence and company, makes us no longer afraid of any difficulties, give each other passion and strength, burn ourselves, and achieve each other. Congratulations to all the SITC crews who hiking in the Gobi!